The art of fabric manipulation

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Here we will learn about the different types of fabrics and how to use them, and ways to combine and employ fabrics and materials and deal with them easily in design.

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Producing a great design requires following basic points, especially regarding the aspect of choosing Suitable fabrics, which in turn greatly affect the perfect display of the design. This, of course, requires you to know the correct information. Here, Mansouk presents it in the article “The Art of Manipulating Fabrics” in a comprehensive manner.

Target group :

  • - Designers And fashion designers

  • - Experts Appearance

What do you learn :

  • Types Fabrics and materials

  • - comparison Between types of fabrics

  • - Importance Choose the appropriate fabric for the design

  • - Shapes Body

  • - Recruitment The fabric is in the special design on the mannequin

  • - Extract And coordinating the color lines of fabrics

  • - Extract Design from engravings and printing

  • Steps These must be taken into account to create sustainable awareness

What you need to get started :

  • - Passion And a real desire to learn and develop skills

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Course Content
Basic section
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Comparison of types of fabrics
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